Manual Therapy

We provide Manual Therapy Amsterdam. Manual therapy is a treatment method that focuses on improving the functioning of joints. When a joint has limited mobility, this is often accompanied by pain. The pain alongside the limited mobility can impact posture. Manual therapy can alleviate these complaints.  The goal of manual therapy is to improve the functioning of joints and muscles. This results in, for example, improved posture, eased movement during sports and less pain in daily life.

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Manual Therapy Amsterdam

Manual Therapy Amsterdam

We have 12 in-house manual therapists. In order to ensure you receive the most suitable treatment, these specialists are extensively trained in both physio and manual therapy. A Master Manual Therapist has gained advanced, additional knowledge in the science of manual therapy. This knowledge is applied in diagnostics and therapy. This is why an MMT is perfectly positioned to provide a solution to patients with movement-related problems.

Manual therapy has been shown to be particularly effective for lower back and neck complaints. By combining scientific research and practical experience, manual therapy has made great steps forward in recent years and we remain at the forefront of these developments.

how does it work?

How does manual therapy work?

The manual therapist will initially observe the way you move as well as how your joints could perform better. Based on the diagnostics, they will use a number of specific techniques directly applied to your joints. The manual therapist’s treatment program also consists of providing advice, guidance and insight into exercise that will support your recovery and ongoing self-management.

The effects of manual therapy are often immediately noticeable: an improvement in your freedom of movement and a reduction in pain.

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