In addition to our physiotherapists and sports doctors, Sport Medisch Centrum Amsterdam has further sports specialists all under the one roof. With this multidisciplinary knowledge in-house, we can provide holistic advice and the optimal treatment plan for you.

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At SMC Amsterdam we offer Mensendieck Practice Therapy. A Mensendieck Practice Therapist is specialised in posture and movement. They will help to bring awareness to your posture and movement in daily life. You will then receive exercises, instructions and advice that can be applied in your workplace, home environment, whilst exercising and doing hobbies.
With knowledge and practice you will learn to how to create better movement and can ensure that (pain) complaints are reduced or disappear.

Mensendieck Practice Therapy is used for:

  • Back, neck and shoulder complaints
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • Hyperventilation, muscle tension headache/li>
  • Deviations of the position of joints / posture deviations
  • Osteoarthritis, hypermobility, scoliosis
  • Pelvic complaints around pregnancy

Our therapist Daphne Reen will work with you to draw up an individual treatment plan in which you can apply the tips, tricks and guidance in daily life. This method allows you to self-manage your ongoing treatment.


The number of treatments that you can be reimbursed is dependent on your insurance plan. Therefore, consult your health insurer in advance. If the treatments are not reimbursed, the cost is € 35 per treatment.

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Sports Psychologist

Sports Psychologist

Whilst working toward achieving peak performance or recovering from an injury, attention is primarily paid to the physical aspects. However, mental factors also play a crucial role, which can influence whether or not you achieve your goal. Frustration, loss of motivation, doubts, tension, distraction and not reaching the desired level are common experiences whilst exercising and certainly during recovery. The most frequently asked question is, how do I get rid of this? The annoying answer is; probably not. This is because we cannot (always) control our thoughts and feelings.

The question is, how do you (best) deal with this so that these experiences have less or even no effect on your performance? This is where our VSPN® sports psychologist Marijn van Leaves can guide you through mental training. During these sessions, Marijn maps out your personality, situation and ambitions. This understanding helps her to train you with the skills to achieve the desired behaviour. That is why sports psychology is also very beneficial for athletes performing well, but who want to get even better.


  • In addition to training your physical condition, you also want to (continue to) train mental skills such as perseverance, concentration and self-confidence.
  • You notice that you are not progressing in the recovery process (with or without an identifiable physical cause).
  • You are hindered by emotions and thoughts while exercising or recovering from an injury.
  • You want to develop mentally as a coach or team (leadership style, communication, cooperation, etc.)


Sessions with a sports psychologist is currently not reimbursed by the health insurance companies. You can make an appointment for a complimentary intake interview. A 60 minute session costs € 65 (excl. VAT).

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Our sports dieticians Gaby Herweijer, Marlies Nagel and Roos Bootsman can advise you on nutrition-related problems, treatment plans and queries. The right nutrition plan can support you in intensive sports (including at competition level), for performance improvement, but also for optimal recovery after an injury. Together we look at and create a plan tailored to the specific requirements and wishes within your sport.

Typical questions and challenges:

  • weight concerns: under or overweight
  • medical condition: diabetes and rheumatism
  • cholesterol complaints: high blood pressure
  • stomach and intestinal complaints
  • nutritional advice for children
  • food hypersensitivity
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding

In addition, Roos has specialised knowledge in oncology and sports nutrition and Gaby in stomach, intestinal and liver complaints, including irritable bowel syndrome and celiac disease. In addition Gaby and Marlies are paediatric dieticians.

Questions or to make an appointment:

Gaby, Marlies, Roos and Robyn can be reached via info@voedingplusadvies.nl or on 06-24710868. Click here for more information www.voedingplusadvies.nl

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Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Sports massages have a restorative, but also preventive function.

Preventive: sports massage is used to reduce fatigue symptoms that are the direct result of physical exertion. The waste products that cause symptoms of fatigue such as pain or cramps are massaged from the muscles.

Preparatory: Sports massage is used to activate muscles for a sports performance, as part of the warm up.

Restorative: the effect of almost any form of massage is mental and physical relaxation. In addition to the relaxed feeling that massage gives, the body will recover faster.


Sports and activities in our daily life often have the same influence on our body, which is why (sports) massage is also useful for non-athletes.



Osteopathy is a way to properly treat reoccurring sports injuries. Osteopathy looks at alternative reasons causing the injury compared to the physiotherapist, and therefore can be a good addition on the road to recovery. In practice, the collaboration between physiotherapist and osteopath works well.

Osteopathy is a treatment method that focuses on treating the cause of the complaints. It focuses on the relationships between the joints, spine, organs and other tissues of the human body. To feel fit, the body must move according to a natural balance. Disturbances with this balance, called movement blocks, creates complaints.


The cost per treatment is €95,-. Osteopathy can be reimbursed from supplementary insurance packages.

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Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal training is the most effective way to get yourself into shape and keep you at your best.

A personal trainer is not only a trainer, but also your coach and motivator who supports and encourages you to balance body and mind on the way to a healthier lifestyle. Together you will create a personalised, tailored programme based on your personal history, sports history, work, rhythm and specific goals. Without realising it, healthy food and sport will become a habit in no time.


  • Free intake interview. Your goals and wishes are discussed and baseline measurements are taken.
  • A training programme is created to achieve the desired result. Dependent on your goals this is, on average, a 12 week programme.
  • Interim measurements are taken after six weeks.
  • At the end of the programme, a final measurement is taken to determine whether the desired results have been achieved.


  • Want to regain their fitness after an injury
  • Want to lose weight
  • Want to improve their overall fitness
  • Want to improve muscle strength
  • Want support and guidance towards their fitness goals
  • Want to improve their movement and flexibility


Personal training costs €65 euro per training session (incl. BTW). Training sessions are available every day of the week both during the day and in the evening.

VSO sportzolen

Podiatrist / VSO Sports Insoles

At SMC we use podiatrist approved VSO sports insoles to support your feet. We often see recurring complaints due to, for example, a difference in leg length creating a tilted position in the pelvis. In many cases this can be remedied by means of the VSO sports insoles. Make an appointment with one of our specialists Koen Kappelhoff or Iver Röhling.

Blood Lab

Blood Lab

A branch of Atalmedial blood laboratory is located at Sport Medisch Centrum Amsterdam.

You can come here to:

  • Have your blood taken and analysed
  • There is the possibility to have a heart recording made

Atalmedial is open Monday to Friday 7:00 to 12:00.

You require a referral from your doctor before attending.