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Meet the experienced (elite) sports doctors of SMA Olympia: Irene Engelbertink and Jaap Bax. Athletes of any level, from recreational through to professional, can contact them for sports medical knowledge. Their quick and expert diagnosis can save you a lot of time in the event of a nasty injury. After making the diagnosis, they will determine which follow-up treatment best serves your needs.

In consultation with the other experts in our center, an additional examination can be carried out immediately. SMA Olympia is part of an extensive network of medical specialists who enable a direct and fast referral. The sports doctor can often treat you or advise you on, for example, adjustments in equipment or training schedules. You can also contact them with questions about training, medicines, supplements, or the correct training footwear.

Our sports doctors help you to get the most out of sports.

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Sports medical examination

Sports Medical Examination

The SMA will be happy to advise on which sports are suitable for you, how your physical condition is doing and what you should pay attention to, in order to prevent injury. We offer packages that include an extensive examination of your posture and movement, a heart trace, lung function and an exercise test. Exercise tests analyse health risks and also provide useful information to improve your current fitness.

In addition, there are a number of sports, such as diving, car and motor sports, for which a sports inspection is mandatory. The SMA offers various options for these mandatory inspections.

Group package

Group Package

In addition to individual appointments with a sports doctor, a package can be purchased for an association or sports event. This can be for both a temporary period or a longer duration, whereby the guidance consists of consultations and advice.

A specific package is tailored based on the competition schedule and your goals for the season. This can consist of an assessment, exercise tests, maintaining a logbook, consultations for injuries, specific strength training, nutritional advice and mental performance training. For optimal results, we set up a well-coordinated coaching team that works closely with the trainer.



Many health insurers will reimburse (part of) sports inspections through the additional package of consultations. We advise you to inquire with your health insurer in advance to understand which reimbursement options are available to you.